Ramsey Bros. Update 2020

So it’s Tax Day 2020 and we’re in the middle of the Covid19 lockdown. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been deemed “essential” workers by Governor Dewine, so we are continuing to forge through our large workload, while still maintaining “social distancing” and taking precautions (not difficult with only a few of us). In addition to vintage boats, we also service boats in the railroad and oil industry, which are still operating as part of our nation’s crucial infrastructure. Currently in the shop, the 1935 Welch is getting it’s transmission re-mated to its Ford flathead V8, the 1952 Riviera is getting decks, a 24ft Lyman is nearing planking after a new keel and rib repairs, the 1937 17ft CC is wet sanded and ready for varnish, and the 1927 22ft Dart is completely framed and ready for planking. Looking forward to spring!